Sound Off

It's a healing time
in your daily life!

Gapyeong Bird and Flower Garden seen from the sky shows a crane spreading its big wings and sitting down.

The design of Gapyeong bird and Flower Garden contains a wish to have the best rest at Gapyeong bird and Flower Garden like a bird that takes a rest for a while while flying in the sky.

I hope you can get out of your daily life for a while and have a healing time at Gapyeong bird and Flower Garden, which was created using 99173 square meters of nature...

Go away one day when you're tired of your daily life. The Healing Garden, the Smiling Healing Park, It's Gapyeong bird and Flower Garden.

Flowers, birds,
and Garden-
Heal your life
with 3 treasures!

Gapyeong Begonia Bird Park have 3 treasures.

Filled with colorful Begonias and Hanging Flowers, walk through the fragrant greenhouse. From rare parrots to wild birds and waterfowl, listen to the singing voices of over 140 birds. walk through a garden that can be visited in any season.

Try turning your life into a vacation.

'Flowers, birds and Gardens
Smile healing park'

As a healing rest
in everyday life

30, Misari-ro 270beon-gil, Seorak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
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Weekday AM 09:00PM 08:00

Weekend AM 10:00PM 08:00

※ Open Weekend (Sat, Sun) and Holiday