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수선화 카페

Daffodil Café
Bakery, Ice cream

Daffodil Café is located deep inside the greenhouse.

Before stepping out into the Flower Zone, Infinity Zone, and Bird Zone, take a break at the staircase healing brunch cafe.

The staircase-shaped space makes you feel as if you are traveling to some distant country.

Ascending the stairs to the 2F, the vista opens to another world overlooking an outdoor terrace and front yard garden.

Daffodil Café will enrich your experience here not only with your eyes, but also with its rich aroma and savory drinks at Gapyeong Begonia Bird Park.



  • Garden Smoothie 섬네일
    Garden Smoothie 9.0
  • Rose Strawberry 섬네일
    Rose Strawberry 7.0
  • Pansy Lemonade 섬네일
    Pansy Lemonade 9.0
  • Marigold Green Tangerine Ade 섬네일
    Marigold Green Tangerine Ade 8.0
  • Hibiscus Schisandra Ade 섬네일
    Hibiscus Schisandra Ade 7.0


  • Flower Tea(Only HOT)
    • Hibiscus & Begonia버드가든티

      ₩7,000 KRW
    • Pansy팬지

      ₩7,000 KRW
    • Bigleaf hydrangea수국

      ₩7,000 KRW
    • Chrysanthemum국화

      ₩6,000 KRW
    • Marigold메리골드

      ₩6,000 KRW
    • Flower Mix백화
      (Chamomile, Calendula, Rose, Acacia)

      ₩6,000 KRW
  • Blended(Only ICE)
    • Double Lavender더블라벤더

      ₩8,000 KRW
    • Rose Strawberry로즈 스트로베리티

      ₩7,000 KRW
    • Chamomile Yuja Tea캐모마일 유자티

      ₩7,000 KRW
  • Ade(Only ICE)
    • Pansy Lemonade팬지 레몬에이드

      ₩9,000 KRW
    • Marigold Green Tangerine Ade메리골드 청귤에이드

      ₩8,000 KRW
    • Hibiscus Schisandra Ade히비스커스 오미자에이드

      ₩7,000 KRW
    Smoothie(Only ICE)
    • Garden Smoothie가든스무디

      ₩9,000 KRW
    • Matcha Smoothie말차스무디

      ₩8,000 KRW
  • Coffee(ICE / HOT)
    • Cona Drip코나(드립)

      ₩15,000 KRW
    • Americano아메리카노

      ₩5,500 KRW
    • Cafe Latte카페라떼

      ₩6,000 KRW
    • Vanilla Latte바닐라라떼

      ₩6,500 KRW
    • Lavender Cream Latte(Only ICE)라벤더 크림라떼

      ₩7,000 KRW
  • Non-coffee Latte(ICE / HOT)
    • Sweet pumkin Latte단호박라떼

      ₩7,000 KRW
    • Grain Latte곡물라떼

      ₩7,000 KRW
    • Rose Flower Latte장미꽃라떼

      ₩6,500 KRW
  • Ice Cream(Only ICE)
    • Prefere Ice CreamCon & Cup프레페레 아이스크림 콘&컵

      ₩4,500 KRW
    • Vanilla / 바닐라

      Strawberry / 딸기

      Chocolate / 초코

      Vanilla & Chocolate / 바닐라&초코

      Vanilla & Strawberry / 바닐라&딸기

      Yogurt & Blueberry / 요거트&블루베리

Emotional sympathetic pet plant


Songbird is a plant store—an attractive place to adopt pet plants.

For those who can't be satisfied viewing flowering begonias and moving on, how about making one your own family member?

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The small joys of companionship day
in & day out

Gift shop features a cornucopia of birds, plants, gifts and accessories related to the Bird Garden. On sale are bird charms, plush huggables, fashion items, as well as accessories for garden and pet upkeep.

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