Themed gardens are looking forward to your visiting in anytime


Take a peaceful stroll through our gardens with your love.

Gardens with a variety of themes dress in seasonal costume along with the four seasons of the year.


you’ll view diverse seasonal flowering plants in full spring glory.

Front yard Garden

This garden symbolizes the Gapyeong Begonia Bird Park.

In Front Yard Garden, you can see a variety of flowering plants, shrubs, and trees with their own charms for each of the four seasons, including a stand of birch trees, pink muhly grass native to Florida, cotyledon Cotinus coggygria Scop 'Young Reid', cotyledon plum trees, towering cherry trees, and hydrangeas in a palette of colors. All host to pleasure and contentment!.


A space where animals and plants become one

Mystery Garden

Retiring to Mystery Garden, in a domestic ranch setting you share
with cute lambs and exotic alpacas.
We hope you and your kids will spend a fond time petting
and returning gazes with friendly alpacas.


An aquatic garden where you can enjoy healing under a cool cascade


At Water Garden, enjoy feeding eager carp of bright hues,
meet lovable Boer goats, and meditate by the Mystic Waterfall
that changes beautifully with each season.